Maximising the performance of your team

When it comes to scaling up the effectiveness and performance of your team there are two fundamental keys. The first is planning and the second is social accountability.

Planning may sound dull and simple, yet many businesses fail to plan, or if they do, it’s usually ineffective. Unclear direction leads to foggy and passive leadership which leads to resentful employees that don’t truly know what to do, and how to “win”.

The aspect most business owners don’t fully grasp yet, is the fact that an effective plan is underpinned by a strong and clear purpose/true north/vision. Please understand that this is not referring to rainbows and unicorn type thinking. When you and your team truly connect to a purpose, there is measurable shift within the culture and the results of an organisation. If you don’t believe me, go check out a few articles or books on this.

If you can’t confidently say that what you complete on a daily basis is linked to a weekly goal, which is linked to a quarterly goal, which is linked to a yearly goal, which is linked to a 10 year goal, which is linked to a meaningful purpose, then you need to reconsider how you plan.

This leads us into the second key, social accountability. The nuts and bolts of social accountability is essentially having each person on your team very clear on what their daily and weekly goals are and having them socially commit in front of their team members to the completion of these tasks. Daily commitments are confirmed at the start of the next day, and weekly goals are confirmed at the start of the next week.

When people make a commitment out loud, in the presence of other team members with the knowledge that their commitment is going to be checked the next day creates a level of responsibility and performance that you won't generate in too many other ways.

If you want support implementing all of the foundations, please reach out and I would love to help!

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