Motivation Will Likely Lead You to Failure

Requiring motivation is feedback letting you know that what you're trying to achieve is not actually important to you. This is a slippery slope, because 9.9 times out of 10 there is a disparity between what people say and what is actually true for them.

For example, I’ve had a client come to me sharing that she had been trying to lose weight for many years and was asking for “strategies, or tips” that I had to motivate her because losing weight was “important”. Knowing that motivation is a feedback mechanism, I asked a few questions to elicit her hierarchy of values to discover that health was not even on her list. This was quite significant for a couple of

Firstly, this was illustrating why she had never been successful in her weight loss attempts in the past and secondly, why she needed motivation to lose the excess weight.

This was the disparity between what she was intellectually saying and what was unconsciously true for her, we will only ever live in congruence with our hierarchy of values. When a person is living in accordance to their highest values, they will have intention surplus, attention surplus and retention surplus. Which is a fancy way for saying that this person will have a high level of inspiration, focus and clarity. When a person is not living in accordance with their highest values, they will have intention, attention, and retention deficit. Which again, is a fancy way for saying they will be unmotivated, distracted and have self-doubt.

You may be asking, “what if I do want to achieve a goal but I know its currently not on or high on my values hierarchy?” There are two options, you can either undertake a process to raise that area of your life on your values list, therefore having congruence with your goal and your values.

Or you can dig a little deeper and find out who it is, that you have on a pedestal which is causing you to feel as though this is an “important” goal for you.

Once we remove that person from the pedestal, you now have free choice to pursue the goals that are truly your own.

Throw out motivation, and embrace your true inspiration.

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