"There are no bad teams, only bad leaders"

One of my favourite leadership principles comes from a navy seal commander Jocko Willink.

1. Self leadership
The most important person to lead in your team, is yourself. All great and inspiring leaders have a disproportionate amount of humility and consciousness. They are very aware of both their strengths and weaknesses, this allows them to navigate through challenges with grace and integrity. Great leaders hold themselves to a very high standard, they don't need someone checking in on them, their commitments have value.

2. Individual influence
As the leader, you must be able to connect with your individual sub-ordinates in a way that promotes trust, which subsequently develops a high level of influence. This allows leaders to help their team members transcend problems and challenges. This is the beginning of having a team that wants to follow you, not because they have to, but because they want to.

There are no bad teams, only bad leaders - Jocko Willink

3. Group influence
One of the highest levels of leadership is the ability to influence a group of people to execute a goal. When you give a direction or an instruction, do you have to externally motivate them with pain or pleasure? carrot or stick? or do they trust in your direction?

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