Transforming Self-Doubt into Self-Belief

Where does self-doubt come from?
One of the biggest reasons people experience self-doubt in the pursuit of their health and fitness goals, is because their goal is not truly aligned with what they value most. Self-doubt is essentially a feedback mechanism to let you know that what you are trying to achieve is not high on the list of your intrinsic values hierarchy. Many people assume self-doubt is created solely from past failures or negative experiences, but that is not the full truth. When you set authentic goals that are truly aligned with your highest values, self-doubt dissolves or significantly reduces.

What do you mean by “highest values”?
Every human being, regardless of their gender, age, or culture lives moment by moment by a set of priorities or values. This set of values is unique to them and whatever is the highest values on their list becomes the primary source of what drives them. Whatever is highest on the person’s value list is the thing that is most important and what they are spontaneously inspired to act on. It is here that they do not require any extrinsic motivation – they spontaneously act, don’t hesitate, are disciplined, reliable and focused. As they move further down their list of values, they become more extrinsically driven and require an extrinsic reward to do it… and punishment if they don’t.

How past hurt informs future fear
One of my favourite teachers Peter Crone has a quote, which is: “Past hurt, informs future fear”. What this ultimately means, is that if we do not fully resolve and reconcile our past negative experiences. It will unconsciously drive our behaviour causing us to live from a place of anxiety and scarcity. I am sure that we can agree that living like this would be energy sapping, causing anyone to avoid certain things that could cause another ‘negative experience’.

How to transform self-doubt into self-belief?
If you are living from a place of self-doubt, the first step is neutralising and dissolving your past hurts which will subsequently remove your future fears and concerns. This gives you the ability to choose your goals from a place of ‘choice’ and possibility rather than from a place of ‘should’ and uncertainty.

From this limitless place, and a clear understanding of your highest values, you can create, plan and execute your goals with poise, self-belief and confidence.

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