Why your judgements of others is keeping you unhealthy and overweight

A couple of years ago I was at the gym having a conversation with another woman who also was a member there. And we were mid-way through a conversation as a “skinny” attractive woman, walked past us. And with enough distance between us, my friend made a comment of, “oh my God look at that skinny bitch. I bet sh's a (you know what)”.

Now, the comment that this person made was not a one off, she would constantly find something to judge about another woman who was either, skinny, fit, toned or attractive. This really provoked a curiosity within me as I started to notice a pattern between people who heavily judged other healthy-looking people and people who appreciated and admired other healthy-looking people.

The biggest think I noticed between these two different types of people was that they got totally different results when it came to their health and fitness goals. The first type of person, being someone who was consistently judgmental towards others, would gain progress and then return to their similar starting point. It is as if they were taking four steps forward, then three and half steps backward. I noticed this pattern would continue over months until they eventually gave up and blamed the “system”.

The second type of person who showed appreciation and admiration for others results, would gain progress, and ultimately continue to progress toward their goals. Sure, they had their ups and down as everyone does, but the trend was more so; four steps forward half a step backward. Why is it that the first type of person cannot seem to maintain progress? Why do they eventually go back to where they started? In this scenario, the root cause is commonly linked to the person unconsciously fearing the same type of judgment
they are currently giving to others. The key word here is unconscious.

This can be related to someone that heavily judges people who do not drink alcohol. Sometimes even if their life depends on it, they will continue drinking because they
are fearful of becoming the person, they have been judging their whole life. So quite simply, dissolve your judgements of others, and you will dissolve the judgments of yourself which will provide you the freedom to pursue your goals without limitation.

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