The human experience

Most people are inherently and unfairly limited from the conditioning placed on us by society, what we’ve learned throughout our lives, how we were raised, and the list goes on... 

The path to uncovering lasting success and fulfilment, means ripping down the cages that constrain us, and becoming very clear on who we want to become and the life we want to create. 

And if that takes discipline, personal accountability and challenge, that’s who Brady will be for you. 

Brady works with people who know there’s something missing in life; that there’s a gap between where they are and where they truly want to be.   

When Brady’s clients have a real intention and a willingness to do the work, to put in 100%; they truly break through their barriers to create success and fulfilment.

Personal Coaching

The constructs that exist within our mind dictate our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. These create our results and experience of life. Brady helps clients alter their mental constructs to dissolve perceived limitations and build a life of freedom and fulfilment.



Through having a strong connection with who you are,  and living in alignment with your truth, you can truly evolve into your ultimate self. Empower yourself through love, support, and connection within a powerful group of like-minded women, in the Ultimate You coaching program.



Client Testimonials

Brady Craig, his methodologies, his intelligence and his compassion will literally change your life!
- Robyn
Tackling both personal and professional mindset challenges which has unlocked new levels of growth for me and my business to a level I would not have believed possible in this short period of time.
- Brent
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Brady's belief

I don't see you as my patient, or another person on the list.

I see you as a fellow human, a valued client.

Something that saddens Brady is knowing that some people never seek out help, even when they want it. This is largely due to the stigma around mental health, but perhaps even worse, what a lot of people experience when they do get help.

Well intended doctors and therapists can sometimes reinforce people's feelings of disempowerment, among many things it can be as simple as calling them a patient. A common experience for many people is years of therapy and/or medication that unfortunately doesn't actually make a difference.

Typical coaches who are caught up in becoming mega successful, sell people phenomenally expensive programs that are ultimately regurgitated information, lacking substance and value, leaving people feeling ripped and no better off.

You can be assured that if Brady offers to work with you, it's because he can genuinely make a difference in your life.

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