"The journey of true discovery is not found in seeking new lands, but in looking through new eyes" - Marcel Proust.

Breaking through barriers

Most people believe that they are free, because we live in a first world country. Yet many of us are living in a prison within our own minds, sub-consciously shackled with limitation, restriction and fear.

Compound these constraints over many years, amplify them under stress and inevitably we find ourselves with symptoms of dysfunction like anxiety, procrastination, self-sabotage, depression, resentment and resignation.  

Brady isn’t here to solve your problems; he skilfully helps you dissolve them.

By working with Brady, you will clear your canvas from past hurts, that are likely and unknowingly dictating your future. You will find the clarity, focus and freedom to create your own masterpiece – to step into an inspiring future.

A path to an empowered life

Most people have an endless list of reasons why they are unworthy
(including men). These perceptions are nothing more than a distorted self manufactured “story” that people create from their past events.

Failure is an event, not a person. 

You don't need to be 'fixed' - your canvas just needs clearing.

This disempowered view people commonly have of themselves, underpins many of the reasons they experience a low quality of life (even if they have plenty of material possessions). It may be tough to hear, but the only thing separating a low to a high quality of life is our current perspective. 

If you want to love the life you are living, you first have to love yourself - This is not an airy fairy love, this is a deep appreciation and reverence for self.

Together, let's dissolve the false and uncover your true value.


Step One: Dissolution

Dissolve restricting fears and personal limitations that hinder your quality of life

Gain a genuine understanding of what’s important and how to manifest it

Step Two: Creation  

Step Three: Sustainability & Growth

With accountability and support, work through the steps to move from point A to point B.

About Brady

Brady is not your typical coach, nor is he a 'guru' that is an 'expert' in telling you how to live your life or run your business.

Coming from humble beginnings, Brady spent his childhood growing up on a sugar cane farm in North Queensland, where he learnt many lessons about discipline, resilience and hard work. Fast forward a few years and Brady was undertaking an electrical apprenticeship which then led him to becoming a qualified Electrician.

His curiosity in well-being, psychology, performance and business began at a young age as he started studying the likes of Tony Robbins, Ray Dalio and Richard Branson. After countless hours of studying the greats, his purpose in life became very clear: to help people achieve professional success and personal fulfilment.

Brady has now worked with a large variety of clients ranging from teens, athletes, parents and business owners. His speciality lies in helping clients remove the limitations and barriers that inhibit them from experiencing success and fulfilment.

Brady is a member of the International Coach Guild and is a Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching at The Coaching Institute. He is a level 1 practitioner in Extended DISC, a Demartini Method® facilitator and a Demartini Values® facilitator.


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