How to dissolve the crippling nature of failure

Whether it is in your business, career, relationships, health or sport, failure is unavoidable. You might be thinking - So what does this mean? This means that you can finally put down the
psychological weight you’ve been carrying around for most of your life.

The large majority of people, from a very young age are conditioned that you must be “successful”,
and you must avoid failure at all costs. The thing is, we are all very aware that life is going to be a
balance of ups and downs, wins and losses, happy and sad, successes and failures, yet people are
still striving to attain the unattainable, and avoid the unavoidable.

I want you to really let that sink in, that for most of your life you’ve probably been trying to pursue
something that does not exist (success without failure) and you’ve been trying to avoid something,
that you can never avoid (failure).

Does that sound like an unwinnable game to you?

Through the privilege of working with many people, and talking with many of my teachers, we have found that this is true for almost everyone. Most people are psychologically and emotionally set up for suffering due to the rules of the game they are abiding to.

Just to let you know, these rules are Bullsh!t.

They are normal, they are the status quo, however they are very far from natural and fulfilling. My suggestion is, if the rules you have been living by aren’t generating the experience and results
you want, consciously with intention create your own rules, or even a whole new game. Its simple,
but it's not easy. Breaking your old thought patterns and creating new ones does take time and

The only question is, "are you willing to do what is required?"

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