You are not a victim/Your past does not dictate your future

Firstly, please understand that NO-ONE can fully understand your life and what you have experienced. However, there are people out there such as myself who can deeply appreciate why
you feel and experience life the way you do, due to past circumstances.

If we were to simplify and make a generalisation, there are two ways that we can live; One is where our past hurt dictates our future reality. Or Secondly, where we find total acceptance of our past and we dictate our own future reality. Another way of saying this is you can be a victim of your history, or a master of your destiny.

Am I saying that what has happened in your life was ideal and good? Not at all.

Everyone’s life is full of adversity and support in different ways, and some things that happen are not ideal. However, life is the way it is, only 100% of the time. One quote’s that I revere is: “What happened happened and couldn’t of happened any other way… because it didn’t” - Peter Crone.

There is NOTHING that we can do to change our past, no matter if
that was 10 years, or 1 minute ago.

If you truly want to experience what life has to offer, and live a life of success & fulfilment, you will
need to find acceptance in your past, so that you have the ability to master your present and future

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